Ravi Mishra

I write, lead life prioritization workshops, do Product consulting and coaching, and offer energy healing. Learn more and get in touch!

What I Do



fountain pen on black lined paper
fountain pen on black lined paper

I'm the author of upcoming book, Listening to What We Want, and write about the intersection of Zen practice and modern life. Check out my blog on Substack!


Product coaching + consulting

books on brown wooden shelf
books on brown wooden shelf

From your next interim Head of Product to coaching Product Managers and Product orgs, I do a variety of Product work. Get in touch to learn more!


Energy Healing

black stacking stones on gray surface
black stacking stones on gray surface

I'm an energy healing practitioner, having studied and practice for more than a decade. My modality is similar to Reiki - get in touch and I'll share more and see if it's a fit to work together.

Joshua Zloof - Sudden Coffee Founder/CEO

Ravi led Product and ended up revolutionizing our business. We realized that selling the product online actually wasn't going to build the business we wanted and he helped us pivot to explore other channels. Through, he was a pillar for our team and architected key elements of our long term strategy.

Jake Peters - Payperks Founder/CEO

Ravi helped us not only develop a new ideas in areas where we had been stuck, but more importantly he helped us tweak our product process to be able to move faster, run better A/B tests, and be more comfortable with experimentation to improve KPIs. Ravi approaches his work with a lot of introspection and listening, and was able to help us surface important learnings across the team that helped us improve the way we worked together both during and after his time with us.

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