Monday, November 16, 2009

Supernova Application

Yes, I know this blog has been quiet. And this isn't really even a post. I apologize.

However, one of my favorite Wharton profs, Professor Kevin Werbach, just offered free admission and demo space at Supernova (in SF, Dec 1-3), and I figured I'd throw our name in hat.

Athleague is a web start up aimed at amateur sports league and club organization. Our product allows league organizers to seamlessly administrate their sports league (or leagues), with features including online sign ups and payment, scheduling, ref tracking, and real time communication. It's being used at numerous college intramural programs throughout the country, including the Kansas University (20,000 intramural athletes, all organizing their sports life through Athleague), and Boston College (8,000 intramural athletes).

We're branching out from the college intramural space to attack a number of other verticals in the amateur sports space and are currently working with a Fortune 500 sports apparel company to deliver an integrated web experience for amateur athletes never before seen on the web.

Our investors include Jeff Fluhr (Founder/CEO StubHub), Sanjay Mehrotra (Founder/President SanDisk), Alex Doll (Founder/CFO PGP), and Anu Nigam (Founder Hi5). Our board includes Lee Hower (Partner at Point Judith Capital, early employee at, and founding member of LinkedIn). And our engineers are the best of the best - MIT alums, one of whom was a member of the 8 man IdeaLab team that made Picasa.

We're an exciting young start up in a hot space on the internet - using web tools to actively enhance your real, non-web life. Our functionality gives us key insights into the intersection between online and offline user behavior, allowing for new and original marketing opportunities. Hope to see you at SuperNova!


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