Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Announcing: Athleague

So this blog has been silent for a while. And it's because we've been busy - we being Athleague, a project I've been spending the summer on.

In short, Athleague aims to be the social utility of all amateur athletes of all ages - a place to find the best local soccer league or pick up game, or a tool to organize your team or league. However, we have a humble initial goal - to be an online solution for league administrators. Feel free to read more about us on The Official Athleague Blog.

What's even cooler is that we're now in public beta. To test out our site, go to and register for an account. Create and join teams and leagues and, above all, tell us what you think! If you don't understand something, it's because we suck and didn't explain it. Let us know what we're doing wrong, and enjoy.