Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogger Bug?

Not a huge one, but an annoying one. When you start a post and save it as draft form, Blogger saves the time/date you started the post, and, when you eventually put the post up, attaches the saved time/date to the post, rather than the time/date at the time of posting.

Most of the time, this isn't a big deal. However, I'm a fan of starting posts and then leaving them in draft form to revise or finish later - not an entirely uncommon drafting method.

Well, with Blogger, say you start a long post, save it in draft form, and then put up a short post about a random thought the next day. When you come back to the first piece and finish it, it appears below the second post on your blog, even though it was posted later.

So, if you want the post you just finished to be the first one on your blog, you have to copy the text to a new post. Not hard, just annoying.

The above also explains why my Facebook Platform post says it went up May 30th when, in reality, it was posted June 10th. Like I said, not a huge bug, but odd that Google hasn't thought of or noticed it...


  1. Also true of Movable Type. It's quite annoying although there you can just type in the new date and time - still a hassle.

  2. You can modify the time before posting. When you modify your post, click "post option" below the input box, and then you can find the time&date as shown in this picture (sorry it is in Chinese)
    If you used Greasemonkey, you may be interested in this script
    For Chinese version, visit hear

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