Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1 Suit, 2 Suit, Red Suit, Blue Suit

Mark Cuban wrote a great rant on suits today. Check it out, it's pretty funny and definitely highlights one of the odder traditions that has developed in our society.

Of course, most Whartonites here would balk at the article (as my roommates did when I passed it on to them). As they well should, since it tears into an institution they hold incredibly dear. :)

Then again, I wonder how much they'll love it when they drop hundreds (or thousands?) of dollars on suits this summer, only to drench them in sweat as they rush through 100 degree heat from the subway to the office.


  1. I agree almost completely.

    The only reason I see for suits is to impose uniformity. Some clothing that employees might choose to wear could be distracting or controversial. Thus, employers mandate the suit to not deal with this issues.

    It's the same reason some schools just decide to impose uniforms instead of coming up with a complicated dress code.