Tuesday, June 06, 2006


So I haven't actually taken the time to write a blog about why this blog up: WINKsite. WINKsite, which stands for wireless ink, is the company I work for this summer. Our overall goal is to establish an online mobile community. Cell phones are playing an increasing role in our lives, and customers are beginning to demand access to the information super highway from their mobiles, not just their computers and laptops.

And that's where WINKsite comes in. It is basically a cross between geocities and myspace for the mobile web. As the Web 2.0 revolution takes hold, the fusion of the internet as we know it and accessibility from mobile phones will be key. WINKsite caters to this need by, for example, making your blog available from the mobile web. You simply create a WINKsite page (your own mobile web page) and then give the website for your own blog. As long as your blogging homepage can export and RSS feed (which any half decent site can do), your blog can be read from anyone's cell phone, just by going to your page.

But wait, there's more. Essentially, you can get any RSS feed to be available on your page. That means other people's blogs, news, and event feeds. In layman's terms, you can set up this site with, for example, upcoming.com and cnn.com to get news and events in your area while you're out at dinner on a Friday night.

So where does the community aspect come in? Each website also has a chat room built in. So you can go on your site, figure out what you want to do from your events feed, and then tell all your friends who are in your chat room. The possibilities are endless.

So what do I do? I'll expand more on it later, but essentially I'm analyzing possible revenue streams and looking at areas of the globe for expansion. For example, our current large user base in London affords us opportunities in advertising and event promotion in that area. My job is to figure out exactly how to do it, and then make it happen.

More to come on all this. As this was written for Peter and WEP, I'd love to answer any questions or talk with any of you that are interested in this sort of thing. Feel free to leave a comment with contact info and we can chat. Cheers.


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